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5 Minimalist Wellness Brands

" Here's my roundup of brands that combine fitness, style, grooming, and other areas of well-being, with outstanding design to help you make a fresh start for 2017. "   I should offer my personal definition of the word "wellness". To me, it is the general sense of being in good physical, mental (and emotional) health. Or, more specifically, the feeling that you are reaching your full potential across various lifestyle categories. Now for the list ...    Breathing  Awair Because they educate us about the air we breathe with a smart device that monitors our indoor environment, helping us track and eliminate toxins with personalized recommendations that improve air quality. Cleaning Tangent GC Because they elevate the mundane world...

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A Look at Minimalism

Minimalism: \ˈmi-nə-mə-ˌli-zəm\ noun “a style or technique (as in music, literature, or design) that is characterized by extreme sparseness and simplicity.” Minimalism is a way of life, it can encompass every aspect of who you are and what you do. To define yourself as a minimalist in fashion, “less is more”. Focus not just what is on the surface, but its entirety in the design process as well. Many people will describe minimalism as having a “Monet effect”, meaning that at first glance it may look simple, but with further examination, you can see a world of new things to discover. Minimalism is anything but boring—fashion icons strive to make statements in minimalistic styles, too. Black & white are your...

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Oliver's Minimal Style Guide for 2017

Hi guys happy new year! To start off your 2017 I created a simple and easy minimal wardrobe style guide for someone looking to add new aesthetically pleasing color palates to their wardrobe that can virtually go with just about anything. Try a simple color palate when layering and creating your daily outfit. Today's style guide features very workable colors that go great together such as white, grey, navy and black any way you want to pair these colors you'll find great success. Check out the visual style guide above to get a clear idea of some examples you can use to have a complete outfit, Enjoy!  

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